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  1. Apple Cutter

    Standard grade stainless steel, TPR and ABS materials have been used to maintain precision in designing this Apple Cutter. The metal part of this cutter is food grade quality. Free from harmful BPA, this fruit slicing instrument consists of multiple sharp blades. Non slipping quality of its plastic part ensures its users comfort while handling it.
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  2. Fruit Fork

    Fruit Fork is produced using 100% recyclable plastic as well as is opened into the gaps of the arboreal stand with the goal that their lovable avian tops assemble the picture of calm things on branches. This fork can be advantageously washed and utilized again and again.
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  3. Plastic Glass Stand

    Different Glasses, Mugs, Mugs, Dishes, Saucers and Ceramics dries quicker with this Glass Stand. The stand is fast to use and simple to set up. Tall transparent plastic segments hold tall glasses as well as fix in the stand solidly.
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  4. Six Pieces Glass Stand

    Elastic Tops can be connected to Segments to avoid scratches to the glass bottoms of our Six Pieces Glass Stand and assimilate stun. A base Dribble Plate gathers water as well as can be separated for pouring the overabundance water.
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